• Ultra Shoot Football
Ultra Shoot Football

A simple football game with easy controls!
Control your favorite country team and win the tournament!
What lies beyond the championship...

App Information

Action Football Game

Football game! Make dynamic shots! Win the Cup with your favorite World Eleven!

Special Shoot!

Make a special shoot!

Penalty Shootout

Win Penalty Shootout!

Tournament Battle

Win the Tournament! Go for the Championship!
  • A simple soccer game with easy controls!
  • You can adjust the game time so you can play one match in a compact way!
  • Free and crisp play, you will be addicted to it!
  • A must for all soccer lovers! The game is very fun to play because of the appearance of familiar soccer powerhouse countries. Control that team with your hands!
How to play
  • Simply control the players with the virtual buttons and shoot/pass buttons!
  • Press and hold the shot gauge to make a special shot!
  • Win the final tournament with the team of your chosen country!